Advantages of Sun Top PLA Filament

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Sun Top gathered all main 3D printing problems caused by printing PLA filament, and has spent a long time on experimenting, we finally came out with an improved formulation of PLA filament that has greater performance on the following printing problems:
No stringing or oozing 
Problem: Stringing occurs when filament materials ooze out of the nozzle while the extruder is moving to a new location.
Solution: The characteristics of PLA makes the filament easily cause stringing, and wrong or bad PLA filament result in worse stringing. Sun Top has spent a long time on testing numerous formulations of PLA filament repeatedly, we finally find out the most suitable ingredients for printing PLA filament.
Smooth at multiple temperature
Problem: PLA filament doesn’t print smoothly at multiple temperature. From some research, we know users tend to print PLA filament at temperature range from 195 to 230.
Solution: Sun Top PLA filament supports this temperature range. However, with a good quality PLA filament, no need to set temperature higher than 210. Besides, some cheap 3D printers might get damaged gradually after constantly using high-temperature hot end. Moreover, the overheating filament can also cause issues with accuracy. Finding that some holes are correct and some are too small is often a sign that the temperature is a little too high.
Uniform extrusion volume
Problem: Have you ever had under-extrusion or over-extrusion problem? This is quite annoying especially when 3D printer does not provide any feedback about how much filament material actually leaves the nozzle.
Solution: Sun Top printing filament gives a uniform extrusion volume, you do not need to worry about extruding not enough or too much. Although our criterion says 1.75+/-0.03mm, but we dedicate ourselves to doing better than that. Our actual dimension meets 1.75+/-0.01mm.
No kinks/tangles
Problem: A tangled filament may destroy hours print and you need to unwind filament again or pull it loose while printing, which is waste of time.
Solution: To avoid tangles, Sun Top printing filament is wound twice and also the filament goes through laser scan machine for diameter checking again during second winding. With double check on diameter and winding, we provide the best unwound filament to users.
Great Adhesion
Problem: How would you feel when finding out 18 hours into a print job but first layer does not stick properly and the part has come loose?
Solution: With Sun Top PLA filament, it sticks the print bed very well, glue or other auxiliary or heating the print bed is not required.
No clogged extruder or filament jamming
Problem: Your pla filament must exit the extruder through a 0.4mm tiny hole, inevitably, the extruder is no longer able to push filament through the nozzle if poor quality PLA filament is kept feeding into your 3D printer.
Solution: We know how daunting this is, and nozzle clogs/filament jam is one of the most awful printing problems. Therefore, we make sure Sun Top PLA filament do not induce nozzle clogs or filament jams, nevertheless, our PLA filament can be used to clean blocked nozzles due to its high flow rate.
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23/11/2017, 05:59:21 AM

Hi, I have a Cubicon Single Plus and was wondering if your print materials would work with this printer? do you have the sizes of the reels as I see many suppliers use odd sizes. Thank you. Colin

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