3D Printing Filament on Sale!

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Very good filament for all-round use with low printing temperature and really good printing results. (Read More)

--Jonas Mossberg

I used your green for my mermaid shower head and it turned out great! (Read More)

--Mike Berger

The ABS filament I bought works very well with less warping (Read More)

--TH Hsueh

3D Printing Filament On Sale (While Supplies Last) 
FREE SHIPPING over US$150 (coupon code: freeship)   
PLA Filament
1. 5 Rolls PLA Filament---US$59.99 (US$11.99/roll)
2. 2 Rolls PLA Filament---US$24.99 (US$12.495/roll)
3. 1 PLA + 1 Silk Filament---US$28.99
ABS Filament
1. 5 Rolls ABS Filament---US$59.99 (US$11.99/roll)
2. 2 Rolls ABS Filament---US$24.99 (US$12.495/roll)
Exotic Filament
1. 1 PLA Wood + 1 PLA Pack---US$29.99 (US$14.995/roll)
We also ship internationally, contact us, sales@suntopx.com, to get the cheapest shipping fees.